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Why 2nd Shift is the best Shift.

I spent the first decade of my professional career working 3rd shift (0000-0800 or similar). I then spent the next decade and a half working predominantly 1st shift (days) but with a lot of irregular hours thrown in. During all that time I avoided 2nd shift (Evenings) whenever I could. On the rare occasion when I was forced to work a steady 2nd shift, it seemed like I was missing out on everything going on.

At work I've recently been assigned a temporary six-week project working 2nd shift, mostly remote but with some office work. It may be because I'm working mostly from home but I'm finding that I'm really enjoying this schedule.

    1. It's almost like having an extra day to get things done.

    I get up with the rest of my family in the morning and don't have to be at work until mid-afternoon

    2. If I want to sleep in, I can.

    3. After work, the house is already quiet, and I can work, read, watch TV, etc.

    4. It keeps my schedule and internal clock in sync with the family and most of the community.

    This was always a major downfall of 3rd shift. You are literally sleeping when most people are awake and vice versa.

    5. With the shorter days this time of year, It still allows me time to get outdoors during the day.

    6. The pace at work with both my manager and co-workers is more pleasant.

    Again, this may be an anecdotal finding, but it is factoring into my enjoyment.

    7. The pay bump.

    Again, job specific but there is a shift differential, so my paychecks are a little larger.

    8. Changing my schedule has allowed me to change my perspective.

    Sometimes we all need to change aspects of our life to allow us to view things in a new light.

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