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Why do we need a time machine

    1. The Past looks like a Foreign Country.

    Time travel will allow us to explore and understand other cultures and eras.

    2. The Future is Unpredictable.

    Time machines can help us prepare for, and even avert future disasters.

    3. Always Remember the Good Times.

    Reliving happy memories could be therapeutic for those suffering from depression or PTSD.

    4. To Alter the Course of History.

    What if we could go back in time and change pivotal events?

    5. I wanna meet myself.

    The idea is that by meeting our past or future selves, we could gain invaluable insight into who we are as people.

    6. The Human Condition.

    With our limited lifespans, there's so much history and the future that we'll never get to experience. A time machine would let us see everything that has ever happened or will happen.

    7. A More Perfect Union.

    There have been lots of wars and conflicts throughout history. If we had a time machine, we could go back in time and prevent these events from happening, creating a more perfect world.

    8. To Infinity and Beyond.

    Explore all of time and space! With a time machine, we could visit other planets and galaxies, or even alternate universes. The possibilities are endless.

    9. Endless amount of time to become better in something.

    You can read, study, learn musical instruments. You can do literally anything.

    10. See the butterfly effect in action.

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