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Why Dogs Are Great

Only my experience

    1. They are so sweet

    Even if you are a terrible person, if you are nice to your dog, they will shower you with unconditional love.

    2. They are excited to see you

    Even if you only leave for a few moments, they are wagging their tail when you come back.

    3. They make you feel good

    About yourself. You are taking care of something that really needs your help. Kind of like a baby, but no crying. And they poop outdoors. Most of the time.

    4. They are so happy

    Simple things bring them joy. It's a great reminder about what's important in life.

    5. The make you more active

    You take them for walks. You take them places. You have to go to the store more to buy them food and bones.

    6. They are good for families

    Everyone can work on something together. Taking care of the dog. Kids learn some responsibility.

    7. Negative - They shed

    Dog hair gets everywhere. On the floor. Your car. On your clothes. Sometimes in your food.

    8. Negative - They are dirty

    Smelly creatures who don't shower often.

    9. Negative - They are expensive

    Chalk it up to an experience that you cant get back. Think they are worth the cost, but make sure you can afford one. Get pet insurance too.

    10. Negative - They have accidents

    Like a child, sometimes they have accidents inside. Hopefully, you can train them when they are young.

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