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Why I am starting my coaching business. And how describing your "Why" can help you confirm an intuition

I've always loved developing myself and helping others to do so. This has been reflected in my management style for over 20 years. I estimate that I have thousands of hours of coaching under my belt, but I've never started a formal business around it.

But that's it, I've decided, I'm going for it.

Here is my thought process. It might help you with your next decision.

    1. Allows me to keep writing.

    I have discovered a passion for writing. I free and clear my mind. And this activity is a lead magnet (content marketing). The more I write, the more I expose myself and the more interested people can contact me. That's how I got the idea to start coaching. My readers' questions were looking more and more like coaching opportunities.

    2. Meet great people

    To coach, you have to meet people.

    As an introvert, I could spend my days alone.

    But I've found that quality exchanges fill me with joy.

    Helping someone to (re)discover their dreams, transforming them into possibilities and accompanying them on their way brings me great satisfaction.

    Coaching gives me a reason to contact people.

    3. A model that use the power of internet

    I can deliver my coaching on a one-to-one basis. I exchange my time for money.

    But the more people I talk to, the more I understand recurring issues. This gives me ideas to create online training that I can sell remotely. My time is separate from my income.

    Coaching fulfills a human need. Helping someone has a unique effect on the person who receives it but also on the person who gives it.

    4. Learning.

    That's what drives me. I have read over 350 books on personal development, career, finance, communication, psychology, business...

    Coaching pushes me to keep learning.

    5. Freedom.

    To build my business around my life with intention.

    I coach 2 hours a day. I choose who I want to work with

    6. Earn a good living.

    The ability to sell online training (decorrelate my time) and the income per hour ratio offer me a great way to earn a living.

    7. Sell my best product.

    I have sold many solutions in my life. I love selling.

    Coaching offers me the opportunity to sell the product I know best. Me.

    And I like to do it in the softest way possible.

    I have no quotas to fill, no boss to report my numbers to. And I believe in the relationship.

    I like to offer a real session (if it fits between the person and me) of two hours. I give 100% of myself, I expect nothing in return. If the person is happy, I am happy.

    And in many cases, either they want to continue, or they can't afford coaching but can think of someone who can, or both.

    8. I capitalize on things I love and have done for years.

    -Personal development: I believe in continuous improvement

    -Career: I started as a salesman and ended up in general management positions.

    -The business: I've managed scopes up to 100 m€ of revenue.

    -Financial independence. I reached it at the age of 43, and it allowed me to realize many of my dreams. (including launching my coaching business)

    I have learned a lot, and coaching offers me a chance to help people achieve their dreams.

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