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Why I deleted my Twitter account

    1. Not adding to the sum of human happiness

    There is some good stuff on Twitter but I couldn't completely eliminate the toxic. I just wanted to curate my content but other stuff kept creeping in.

    2. Not enough time

    I was inconsistent with Twitter. I used to be better in the good old days. But, as my interest waned, so did my posting.

    3. Doom scrolling

    When I did look, I'd get dragged down rabbit holes and not good ones. Yes, there is good stuff on Twitter but not enough. Perhaps if you have a more established account, it's better. Who knows?

    4. Toxicity

    I was listening to an episode of The Rest Is Politics podcast recently and Rory Steward and Alastair Campbell were talking about Twitter and bots. Apparently Alastair's account had a high number of bots following him. @campbellclaret has 946k followers. He said he rarely looks at responses. They both commented on the toxic nature of Twitter which made me think ... if you were in a room with someone who spoke to you in the same way that some people tweet, you would leave. Well, I would!

    5. Alternatives

    Instagram, for me, is almost done. I'm rarely on there now. Just once a week. Substack is where it seems to be happening. I like Substack. Also Discord. I keep checking out alternatives to Twitter/Instagram etc but nothing is that appealing ... yet.

    6. Why don't you logout from Twitter and do something less boring instead?

    There used to be a programme called Why don't you switch off your TV and do something less boring instead. I'm using the time I would have spent on Twitter/Instagram and reading more.

    7. Paul Jarvis

    Paul Jarvis and Alexandra Franzen both quit social media. Alexandra in about 2015 and Paul a couple of years ago. Their decision to do that, while I was still a fan of social media, intrigued me. Now, I can see why they both did.

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