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Nicola Fisher


Why I have reservations about AI

    1. I love tech

    I'm a big tech fan. Have been for decades. But I'm hesitant about AI. I like to write but AI driven writing seems to be missing something. Writing, for me, is creative. It comes from within. Not from some AI generated universal mind. 

    2. Pictures

    I really don't like AI generated pictures. I think they look weird. There, I said it!

    3. Human

    AI is not human and I think it shows. Often, it feels like platitudes. It feels a bit 'off'.

    4. Business writing

    I am using AI to generate a starting point for blogs I need to write. It's not creative writing. It doesn't have to come from me but be a good summary of a topic. I think AI works in this scenario. 

    5. Asking questions

    It is fun to ask questions of ChatGPT. 

    6. Pandora’s Box

    Are we opening Pandora's Box with AI? Are we going down a one way path? Is this a good thing? I think we need to look to the future and where AI could lead us and consider how we want to live, what we're willing to give up and whether AI is the panacea it's made out to be. 

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