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Why I missed Writing Here

I haven't posted in quite a while and just randomly opened up the page. Below, why I missed writing here.

    1. Consistency

    Doing something consistent is good. While it's not always easy to make these lists, it is absolutely something that can be done on a regular, consistent basis. I desire more consistency in my life.

    2. Ideas

    I find in doing these lists that one idea often snowballs easily into 5 or 6 or more. It's amazing what the brain can come up with once you just give it a kick start.

    3. Feedback

    your comments are great. it's great to hear another perspective. one lasting effect of the pandemic is I'm home so much more so i am not having the regular interaction i used to and not receiving much feedback, even from my boss since I never see here in person!

    4. Energy

    Writing these lists can be tiring but it give me some good energy. James has said that ideas are like a muscle and needs to be exercised regularly. i totally believe that now.

    5. Hope

    writing these ideas gives me hope. maybe one of my ideas will pan out one day. maybe one of my ideas will help someone. maybe one of my ideas will change my life, or someone's life.

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