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Why I'm loving the new schedule option in NotePD

    1. Planning ahead

    We have a few events coming up which might make it difficult to write a list. Yes, I could create a draft list and publish it on the day but having a list scheduled means that I don't have to remember to post the list.

    2. Famine or feast

    Sometimes I have lots of ideas and it's good to get those in the bag. Sometimes the well is running dry. Scheduling might help mitigate those times when I feel less than inspired.

    3. Key dates

    I might want to create a list about a specific date - a birthday, anniversary, Christmas etc. The list would be date dependent but also easy to create ahead of time.

    4. I'm (mostly) a planner

    When I'm on my game, I like everything planned. I plan our weekly menu, my routines, my work, my content creation. To be able to plan my lists would fit nicely into this modus operandi.

    5. Maintain my streak

    Now I've got my streak going, I don't want to break it. Scheduling is likely to help with this.

    6. Spread out ideas

    I create a list a day. Sometimes I have more than one list idea - it would be great to get ahead of the curve and schedule the second list for another day.

    7. Publish at an optimum time of day

    I don't really know whether one exists on NotePD as I've not experimented. Late afternoon UK time tends to be good on Twitter, for example. At the moment I create my list most evenings.

    8. Just because I can

    I like bells and whistles. I'll often use a function because it's there as much as because it's useful.

    9. Consistency

    I probably won't, but I could, post at the same time every day. That's the type of thing I do.

    10. Make it a part of my day

    Being able to schedule plays into my daily routine. Now, I tend to think about my list throughout the day and come up with an idea. Yes, I could draft more and I do have some drafts in the bank. I envisage scheduling will lend itself to my daily routine.

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