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Nicola Fisher


Why I'm loving Twos more than ever

I started using Twos on 23/02/2022. I used it extensively and then life changed, and then it changed again, and Twos has become one of my key tools. Here's why it's great.

    1. Web App

    I learned early on with apps that, if there wasn't a web interface, my usage would decline. I like to be able to type on a keyboard as well as on a device.

    2. Twosers

    You can see other people's shared lists, and gain inspiration from them.

    3. Customise

    I can see specific headings, remove others and create a view of the app that is unique to me.

    4. Calendar

    I can link up any of my calendars (Google and Outlook) so that my day appears at the top of the Today screen. I can also add tasks, select a calendar and the task will appear in my calendar as well as in the app.

    5. More than to dos

    Yes, I can keep a running list of things to do but I can also add notes, things, reminders, and longer text.

    6. Tags

    I'm using tags for content I add daily so that I can search on a tag and all that content is aggregated. I do this with my NotePD list and my daily log. I also add people so that I have an agenda list for calls or meetings.

    7. Lists

    I use lists as projects. I create a new list for each project and I have sublists too. It keeps everything organised. I can add reminders and dates and then each task will pop up on the appropriate day.

    8. On This Day

    Once you have enough content you'll be able to look back on previous years with on this day.

    9. Free

    The app is free. You can add extra functions by paying, if you want, or you can learn the app and earn coins.

    10. Discord

    There is an active Discord group and two co-founders who provide great support.

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