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Why Journaling About Love Is Difficult

I'm working through a guided journal ("You Already Have the Answers" by Amanda Deibert) and I'm on the second chapter titled "Love". The first chapter was "What You're Already Doing Right", but this chapter has prompts that are very challenging. I'll use this list to explore why.

    1. To Talk About Love Is To Talk About Loss

    Beyond a certain point in your life, you will lose someone you love, to death, or perhaps a rejection or separation of some kind. Acknowledging the loss is important, but delving through the pain isn't pleasant.

    2. Sex

    Sex is part of this chapter, and I guess I find it an embarrassing topic to write about, even if no one ever reads what I write in this journal.

    3. Long Term Love Is Hard To Encapsulate

    If the longest love (e.g. marriage) is the best love, then it's hard to capture any *one thing* that is the best or most defining characteristic of the relationship. It's too big to lend itself to a one or half-page entry.

    4. Love Matures and Evolves

    I remember my first love or other fleeting passions from my teens, but when I put the relationships or emotions under the microscope, I don't see much that might have been there compared to what wiser, more mature me knows about love and relationships.

    5. Exploring Love Can Make You See Flaws In Others

    6. Exploring Love Can Make You See Flaws In Yourself

    7. Exploring Love Can Make You See Flaws In the Relationships

    8. When You Try To Capture the Ephemeral, You Can Make It Seem Base

    and ruin it.

    9. Love Can Mean Pain

    Outside of the loss of love, there can be other forms of pain (e.g. betrayal) that you have to re-tread while journaling about love.

    10. Love Can Mean Sacrifice

    Similar to #9.

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