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Why Playing Poker Is So Interesting

Branched from James Altucher list. My experience.

    1. It seems glamorous (but never is)

    So many movies display gambling as glamorous. "21", "Ocean's 11", and the Bond movies, to name a few.

    In real life, a poker room is more like "Rounders" - it's seedy, sad, and depressing. Kind of like a bar before it closes for the night.

    2. You make great memories

    I can still smell some casinos I've been in. They all used to be smoky and musty. Like an old retirement home.

    The poker chips often had stains on them. And I can't imagine they were ever cleaned. But, there's nothing better than playing with your poker chips, thinking about if you should make that call, or not.

    When I was in college, poker was huge. I remember fondly playing a live game with roommates, while playing poker online, while watching poker on TV. Some of the guys I went to college with became Pros. I don't know if they ever actually made(and kept) money, but it is fun to reminisce about that time.

    3. You can play with pros

    Not many things can you actually play with the best of the best. They would love to play with you and take your money if you are willing to enter a tournament or find a way into their cash games.

    Would like to one day enter the WSOP. Any event and see how long I can last.

    4. You can beat pros

    Maybe it's just for a hand, but you can definitely beat the best in the world in poker. I wouldn't play them more than a few times, of course. Unless you just want to lose your money....

    Matt Damon took down Johnny Chan in Rounders and says this great line after being asked what he had:

    "I'm sorry John, but I don't remember."

    5. The banter

    Sitting at a table can be boring, or it can be amazing. If the people there are interesting. You will hear some fantastic stories. Most of them are probably not true, but who knows.

    Have heard some fantastic banter back and forth while playing poker.

    6. You can make less than minimum wage

    As an extremely tight and cheap player, I have probably made money in my lifetime playing poker, but it's likely around 1 cent per hour played.

    Luckily, it's been time well spent.

    7. The characters

    I find some of the most interesting people to be poker players. Many of the pros have great and interesting stories.

    Phil Ivey. Chip Reese. Annie Duke. Doyle Brunson. Mike Mattisow. Daniel Negranu. Sam Farha. Phil Helmuth. All characters. All interesting in their own way.

    In most casinos, the people are often older and very ecletic. You can learn a lot, if people talk. You can learn some life lessons (especially, what not to do.....).

    8. You can win without having the goods

    Bluffing your way out of a hand is one of the most fun experiences anyone can have. And when someone does it to you, it really hurts. Especially when it happens with a friend. You will always have that memory. Hopefully, no one won/lost a lot....

    9. You find out a lot about yourself

    If you play a lot, I think your personality shines through in your play. If you are a risk taker. If you are conservative. How angry you get when you make a poor decision. You can really work on yourself as a person. Find your flaws. Find some strengths.

    10. You get free drinks

    When at a casino..... still need to tip the person bringing your drink.

    My go to when playing is usually a hot chocolate. They might give you whipped cream and then everyone at the table gets jealous and starts ordering the same thing.

    If drinking alcohol. I like to go with a martini. Strong. I can't drink them fast, so I won't get drunk and make a bad decision. Plus, you get the olive, so it's almost a free snack.

    Sometimes, people pay for a massage while sitting for a long time. Have never done this, but enjoy watching the people who do.

    11. It's great for people watching

    The cast of characters at a casino is all over the place. Can be very entertaining.

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