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Why should you date me?

Why am I appealing? How would I improve your life?

Am I focusing on aspects no-one cares about?

I hope that by writing this list I can tune my focus into my best qualities. Hopefully that shift will review more of these qualities to others and hook me up with top qualities dates.

    1. Handome

    If I do say so myself. Athletic build. Look great in a suit. Lift multiple times a day.

    Are looks that important? It's a bonus I guess.



    2. Hardworking

    I've published 3 books. Have an online course (To be fair, it's not sold that well). Animated 2 music videos myself. Made a language learning course.

    Want a copy? - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Rocco-Effect-Mr-Desta/dp/B0B4FV36WP


    3. Fun Loving

    I'm always up for fun. Karaoke, quizzes, bowling, stand up, gigs ect. Whenever I'm free I ry and do something fun during the day.


    4. Kind

    My Facebook/instagram is designed around helping people live a happier life. I post free content every day. I'm always there when friends or family need me.


    5. Well Read

    I've read a lot of books in the last few years. Business, science, psychology and self help are my goto topics.

    Alchemy Takeaways - https://notepd.com/idea/alchemy-notes-part-2-mx9yk

    6. Fit

    During lockdown I made sure to get myself into the best shape for fighting covid, should I catch it. I work out daily. I cook my own meals. I meditate. I get plenty rest and I write ideas daily.


    7. Funny

    I've been writing jokes since the first lockdown. I love to wind people up.

    Latest Joke - Appreciate the little things in life, because someday they'll be gone - Catlin Jenner

    8. Stoic

    My way of life is built around stoic teachings. I aim to be courageous, wise, fair and balanced. I meditate on mine and others deaths and let that guide my thoughts and actions.

    The comfort of having a friend may be taken away, but not that of having had one – Seneca

    9. Love Ska

    As you can see I have exquisite music taste. How can anyone dislike ska? It's music that speaks directly to the heart and tells it to spread love throughout the body, because life, right now, is awesome.

    10. Smart

    I've got an Honours degree. I taught English for 4 years. As you've seen I've read multiple books. My favourite podcasts are educational ones.


    11. Focus

    Are these qualities I should be focusing on when it comes to relationships? Maybe that's where I'm going wrong. What should I be focusing on?

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