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Why the art of slow writing is a game changer

Since I came across Nicole Gulotta and her concept of writing seasons, my ideas about writing have shifted. Nicole also talks about the art of slow writing, which fly in the face of the relentlessness of digital writing. Here's what's shifted for me today.

Here's yesterday's list which references writing seasons.

    1. Digital Writing

    I've learned an enormous amount from people like David Perell, Nicolas Cole, Dickie Bush and Tim Denning. I just can't keep up with their relentless schedules, writing and publishing daily. I've done it for a while but couldn't sustain it. I lost my flow and my creative well dried up.

    2. Quality over Quantity

    Slow writing focuses on quality rather than quantity. Digital Writing is about volume, not at the expense of quality but places equal importance on hitting publish.

    3. You're not failing

    Because I couldn't keep up the pace of publication, I felt as though I was failing.

    4. There's always another way

    For months I considered digital writing to be the only way. I was seduced by the tweets talking about achievements, numbers and dollars. But one size does not fit all. And perhaps slow writing is a better fit for me.

    5. Less can be more

    I've got more done today than I have in weeks. Without that pressure to publish and 'keep up', I've had fun and explored other possibilities. And seen a better way to share the premise of my book.

    6. My philosophy of life

    Slow writing links nicely to living life at a gentler pace. I don't know why I didn't see it before.

    7. Life gets in the way

    This is where writing seasons is so helpful. Instead of feeling as though you've failed, the different seasons help you to cut yourself some slack.

    8. Read the book

    I've ordered Wild Words, Nicole's book. I'm sure I'll be sharing more wisdom as I read it.

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