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Why we need to switch things up at times?

I used to be a fan of basically ONE Artiste, who happened to be a Rapper.

Then I was living with my bro and he was not really into music …how much more listening to 80% one artiste. So he was able to bear this for as long as he could …and finally told me:

You don’t listen to any other genre of music?

And ironically i thought: Why only listen to rap when you don’t rap. Even rappers sometimes listen to other genres.

Nothing brings boredom and dulls creativity like doing one thing in only ONE way. It applies to more things in life .

Switch up:

    1. It all ads up

    Each time we try something new, the brain doesn’t just start again on a blank state but rather adds up our previous experiences and knowledge.

    If you use your knowledge on a particular industry e.g. science and apply to another field e.g. art – you tend to see things on a different level than the average art person.

    2. To Learn New Things:

    Trying new things gives us a chance to learn new skills and knowledge.

    Real Growth begins where your comfort zone ends.

    And in terms of scaling, the more you learn, more you earn.

    3. Breaking the Mold:

    Switching things up occasionally can help keep things fresh, both for ourselves and others.

    If we do the same things all the time, we'll eventually get bored.

    Switching things up helps prevent boredom.

    4. Stand out

    Some little things you do differently can help you stand out.

    But if you don’t question your way of seeing and doing things you may never build those key features of your offer that outshine the competition.

    5. Simplicity rules

    Whenever you make a change, you realize how complex stuff are difficult to refit into a schedule.

    The key to doing things differently and winning is first aiming for simplicity and you have little intricacies to worry about.

    6. Most things need routines (and less switching)

    We can be tempted to be switching up things every second. But you find it’s not effective nor is it not sustainable.

    The most important stuff need to stay the same at times where you aim to keep your routines in place, no matter the circumstances.

    E.g in business for the initial moments, you might need to focus on one thing until you become a master at it.

    Even if you do remote work – it takes smart effort to not to feel the big effect of moving over to a new place and maintaining the same level of momentum you had before.

    7. Resilience

    Pausing from our usual activities on purpose can help build resilience which is reflected on the next time we resume normal way of doing things.

    E.g. fasting intermittently can build your body’s resilience. Each time we allow the body to rest a little from digestion and feeding, it starts burning body fat and all its fuel more effectively.

    8. For Variety:

    Mixing things up can create more interest and variety in our lives, making them more exciting.

    Keep in mind that every coin has two sides, and that flipping one often feels risky.

    Open yourself up to variation for greater fulfillment, and you will quickly find harmony between the old and new you, full of joy and happiness and the vigor to face everything, both good and bad.

    9. Change is inevitable

    You might decide it’s not necessary to try new things or change how you do things. But you find with time, lots of factors force you to do this and you have to adapt by force.

    We need to switch things up at times because change is inevitable and what worked in the past may not work in the present or future.

    Today Shorts and Tiktoks have dominated the attention of people over long from videos and writing.

    What does it say in anything you do online – go straight to the point as much as you can.

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