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Why We Should Protect Human Made Art

I do have concerns about AI. I believe that artists will be exploited if we don't put limitations on AI usage of existing art. The question is whether AI should be able to make use of living artists. I think they can copy dead artists. I don't believe that what AI can create will ever be as creative as what someone brings forth out of their own experience. They can't. Even if they collect all the data in the world.

    1. We should protect human artists because AI skimming off of original images is theft.

    If AI didn't take someone else's images, they wouldn't be able to create anything. They are at best copiers and randomizers. While it is true that people copy and paint to learn from the great masters, they are creating to learn a technique or improve their skills.

    2. People who put their time and energy into painting or any other artwork should not have their rewards taken from them by a machine.

    3. It seems like a cheap and shoddy way to rip off artists.

    Similar to how they've ripped off musicians for years, I think artists may be ripped off. Artists will have to evolve to promote their unique vision. And we need to protect living artists, like we protect written books with copyright (if we don't already do it).

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