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Why You Need To Build A Strong Foundation For Success

The best way to maintain success is on a Solid foundation.

Too many times in a bid to succeed with others we’re tempted to skip the process.

I've been following the Alex Homzi lately and reading his book $100M offers and he talked about how he never had any good sales person that wasn't good the first one-two weeks. In short, he doesn't even give them a chance after such period.

I find this to also be the reason why its easier to teach a novice a difficult skill than trying to correct an amateur who has been playing for years but has made so little progress.

Whatever that may suggest - personally i've also noticed things that i struggle the most with presently were things I never crushed it the first two weeks or so.

Could it be lack of interest at first, faulty foundation or anything else.

Of course, our “learning phase” may differ - but what determines how far we make progress is the kind of foundation we lay for ourselves.

A solid foundation has :

- a purpose (your why),

- character and values (aliged with your highest values)

- is takes time (long term),

-has a plan (vision),

- Competent (so you can stand out)

and is still flexible enough.

5 reasons why you need a Strong foundation to Succeed

    1. A weak foundation will crumble under pressure

    The foundation is the most important part of a building; it must be strong in order to support the weight of the structure.

    A strong foundation is essential for weathering life's storms. and without it, the best-laid plans will eventually crumble.

    Life has its ups and downs. The key is to “enjoy the process” which might not be as smooth as you expected but you can still learn a whole lot from it if you take time to reflect on it. It’s okay to fail. No matter how many times you fail, keep going.

    2. Building a strong foundation takes time and effort

    A strong foundation is necessary to achieve success in any endeavor.

    If you want to become good at anything; take time to master the fundamentals not just once but deliberately return to it.

    You can always create time for whatever is your priority. We figure out how to get it done if we really want to get it done.

    3. A strong foundation is essential for long-term success

    A strong foundation is necessary to achieve success in any endeavor. Its deep enough and self-sustaining because it tackles problems from the root.

    Why do problems take more time to solve and cause more damage? When we only address “symptoms” and avoid tackling problems from their roots.

    Sometimes we make the mistake of ignoring them completely thinking they’ll go away. But they hardly do.

    Getting to the root of problems also has to do with minimizing assumptions.

    4. A strong foundation makes success meaningful

    The foundation is the most important part of any building

    Successful people have a solid foundation upon which they can build their dreams.

    Steve Covey proposed a remarkable idea on making sure you’re leaning on the right wall. Imagine a kid who cheats his way to study a “professional” course.

    How much meaning and fulfillment would it provide him compared to one that took his time to burn candles all night?

    At whatever you do, if you have no solid foundation in getting to the top, you won’t find it funny when you fall or find zero fulfillment.

    "Amateurs attribute success to skill and failure to luck, Professionals understand the role of both." - Sahil Bloom

    5. Brings Transformation mentally and physically

    To win physically you have to win mentally.

    It doesn’t matter if its losing weight, becoming financially free, learning a skill; you need to deal with the things going on in your heart and head else you’re going to stay stuck.

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