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Nicola Fisher


Why you should keep a daily log

    1. Log Log Log

    Some time ago I came across Michael Dean and his logloglog. I thought it was a terrific idea. I tried to find ways of creating my own (mostly private) daily log. Finally, I came across Twos and started logging things of note each day, what I'd done, books I'd read. It was mostly very brief.

    2. Remember

    It's so easy to forget those tiny but amazing things that happen to us. These get added to my daily log. I can check back later and remember them.

    3. Information

    I jot down links I want to remember, things to check out, websites to visit, music to listen to, notable public events.

    4. Diary

    A log is a bit like an interstitial journal. It's a quick and easy way to keep a diary. You can add to it throughout the day. It's quickly and easily done.

    5. Evolution

    Life changes so fast. A log helps you track that evolution and see how rapidly life evolves and changes. I like tracking my fascinations too and seeing where my interests lie.

    6. Public Log

    This is my public log - The Log.

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