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Will Microsoft Kill Google?

Not anytime soon.

Consumer behavior on a mass scale does not change overnight.

    1. Google is by far the most dominant

    They have more market share than any other search engine.

    Google should welcome more competition so they do not appear to be a monopoly and get broken up the government.

    Their is plenty of money and search market share to go around.

    2. Google has better search results

    The reason people prefer Google is because their results are better than the competition.

    3. Google has more user data

    Google has more search user data than Microsoft.

    4. Google has the advertising infrastructure

    They have a much more dialed in advertising business with customers than Microsoft.

    5. Google has Search and YouTube

    YouTube is becoming more and more important for searching videos.

    6. The Cloud is becoming more important to the Google business

    Google is getting more people to pay a monthly fee for the GDrive and work apps.

    7. Google pays Apple

    Google pays Apple a lot of money to keep Google as the default browser on the iPhone

    8. Google Android

    Android is a loss leader to get people using Google Search.

    Microsoft is not good on the mobile device front.

    9. Consumers Vs. Businesses

    Google is more focused on end consumers, while Microsoft is more focused on business consumers.

    10. Moonshots

    Google could also be working on moonshots that the public does not know about that could eventually become big business.

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