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Workplace Games

Work gets boring, as a result staff make up games to pass the time. Here's a few of the best I've played. 

Workplace Games

    1. Find the wee man

    First off you set up a group chat with all the players.

    You then pick someone to start the game.

    They hide the 'wee man' somewhere in the building. 

    They take a close up photo (but with enough background so they can guess where he's hidden) 

    If they need help you can post more photos from further back. 

    When someone finds him they gain a point and they then need to hide him. 


    2. Stickers

    You place stickers on workmates backs. Most stickers stuck wins. If you get caught you lose.

    3. Drunk test

    When doing security we would tell customers 'I think you're drunk can we do a test?' we'd then push them to do silly stuff until they gave up/someone laughed. Craziest act won. 

    4. Suitcase race

    We got given suitcases by the company. They had wheels, so we set up a track around the building, sat on the suitcases and raced. Silly and a lot of fun. 

    5. Actions

    We noticed some workmates had very predictable ways of talking/acting. Common phrases 'hey guys, that was silly, oh my gosh!' ect. Would ask a lot of questions. So we all had a different action to do when we heard our phrase /action.

    Lots of fun. You lose when they catch on. 

    6. Actions 2

    We have to act /say certain words when talking to others 'my queen /lord' bow. Ect. You lose when you give up. 

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