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World Building Elements for a Super-Hero Story

I'm no expert on world-building, but I do like superheroes and I've read a lot of comic books. If you wanted to create a new fictional world for superhero stories, here are some of the things you'd have to address.

    1. Aliens

    Is there life on other planets? Has it had any prior contact with Earth? How well-known are these facts in the general population?

    2. Science/Technology

    Is science and tech more advanced than the present day? By how much? Is advanced tech readily accessible, or the domain of the rich and privileged?

    3. Public Opinion

    Are superheroes celebrated or feared? Derided or respected?

    4. Magic

    Is magic a part of this world? Are all myths true? How does magic work, how is it acquired?

    5. Common sources of Super-Powers

    Do #1, #2 and/or #5 play a role, or is there a common source of superpowers?

    6. Geography

    How closely does this world resemble our own? Do superheroes fly around cities with the same names as ours, or ones that are differently named, yet familiar? Perhaps they look nothing like our familiar places.

    7. History

    How long have superheroes been around? Have they shaped history to be different than what we know?

    8. Limits

    Is there a top-end to what superpowers can do? Does every hero have a weakness, or some trade-off/price for their power? Is anything impossible in the world?

    9. Tone

    Are the stories cynical and full of anti-heroes, or should they reflect the best of what humanity can offer?

    10. Villains

    Do villains come from varied backgrounds, or do they form one common enemy organization?

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