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Worst Career Advice I Have Received

People will give you a ton of bad career advice on your path to success. We all need to acquire the skill of listening to someone else.

Worst Career Advice I Have Received

    1. Follow your passion

    My passion is to sit in my house all day and read books and watch Netflix shows.

    My passion is to travel the world on a private plane and stay in the best hotels and visit tourist destinations.

    Forget about 'passion'. The truth is that I am still looking for that 'thing' that I am really passionate about. Instead focus on getting really good at something your can monetize.

    There is your craft and then there is the business.

    Basketball can be a passion, but you also need to get paid in order to live life.

    Focus on both becoming good at a craft and working to monetize it.

    2. Stay at the job to get more experience

    Do not take a job just to get experience.

    Get a job because you want to get better at something. And then when you have grown as much as you can from that job leave and go tackle the next challenge.

    3. Don't rock the boat

    The fastest way to get fired is to do your work diligently without making any noise. People will not view you as valuable.

    4. The money will come

    Most of the time you have to go out and get money, it does not just come to you.

    5. Get a 'safe' job

    There is no such thing as a 'safe' job. Every job can fire you. Any business could go under.

    6. Don't work for a startup or yourself

    Ownership is the best way to wealth.

    7. Tell Interviewers what they want to hear

    You want to peak an interviewers interest. The more interesting you are the more they will remember and move you to the top of the list.

    8. Go into the medical field

    My parents really wanted me to do something in medicine. Medicine often requires a lot of school and really long hours. And I am not good at science.

    There are also a ton of different industries that support medicine. Software, robotics, real estate, business management, law, government, insurance. The list is endless.

    9. Take out student loans for that college if you want to go there

    Unless you are going to Yale or Harvard try to take out as little student loans as possible.

    10. Just network to find your next job

    You should network to find the right job, don't network for the sake of networking.

    11. Focus on one thing

    Being a generalist is really valuable in today's day and age. You need to be able to learn and adapt.

    12. Go get certified

    You can waste a lot of time and money getting certified in something and then hating the actual job. Try to start working as quickly as possible and then get certified along the way as your make money and then leverage that experience and certifications to make more money.

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