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Write 10 things that your future self would tell your present self: mental time travel.

I just finished reading The Book Of Charlie: Wisdom from the Remarkable American Life of a 109-Year-Old Man by David Von Drehle. Charlie has an inspiring story! (This is an AI person, probably not Charlie, or me)

Write 10 things that your future self would tell your present self: mental time travel.

    1. 1 year (55 years old)

    It was a good idea to create your YouTube channel. We are starting to see some views after a year. We have created a library of over 300 videos about music and Apple Logic. You are now a go-to expert on the software and occasionally do consulting projects.

    2. 2 years

    Adding Python and AI to your skill set was a good idea: you opened up your employment options and created 10 SAAS businesses. One of them actually makes pretty good money!

    3. 3 years

    Your efforts paid off: you replaced your income with royalties from videos, courses and books! You have created about 1,000 videos, books and courses. You have not even thought of the 20% of them that will make 80% of the money yet, but keep going; you will.

    4. 4 years

    Preparing yourself to have income from your creations was a good idea: We have enjoyed a few worry-free trips this year and can travel whenever we want.

    5. 5 years

    Committing to stretching has helped us stay active later than our peers. We have started a music center and play live music.

    6. 10 years (64 years old)

    We own and operate a few businesses now. We sponsor a few little leagues, animal shelters and other causes. We have been active with live music performances, and the band is big in Japan (Spinal Tap reference...).

    7. 15 years (69 years old)

    We sold our businesses and concentrated on making art 'full time' in the medium of 2038: sound, written and visual artwork.

    8. 20 years

    By continuing to write at least 10 ideas a day and read 100 books a year for 20 years we have written over 73,000 ideas and read over 2,000 books. We have had 7 "one in a thousand" ideas that have significantly changed our lives for the better in ways that you could not imagine in 2023 but you will see the benefits in 2043!

    9. 25 years (79 years old)

    By getting serious about strength training, eating well and improving flexibility in your 50s you are still remarkably healthy. You take up golf and start building the ultimate end-of-life community for yourself and others.

    10. 50 years (104 years old)

    Thanks to lifestyle choices, medical breakthroughs, a commitment to keeping an active body and mind and long-term thinking exercises like this one you have had an incredible second half of your life. You are getting ready to die peacefully in the community that you created 20 years earlier.

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