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Write Code to Automate Certain Tasks.

These are all software-related tasks (no manual labour) that I could save a lot of time on if they could be automated.

    1. Auto-port a suitable Idea List to my Blog

    2. Auto-port Idea Lists to Medium

    3. Auto-port Idea Lists into Twitter Threads

    Not just links back to NotePD.

    4. Save Idea Lists to Evernote

    5. Grab square footage and # of floors from floor plans.

    I estimate distributed antenna systems for in-building radio coverage enhancement, and these measurements come into play. Finding these values in PDFs 100s of MB large and slow to load is a pain.

    6. Track the final values of my estimates and map them back to square footage and number of floors.

    I like to sanity check my results against the work I've done historically.

    7. Turn off my phone's wifi when connected to my car

    The phone trying to navigate or download data over wifi when I'm driving away from the house is always an issue, plus it would save battery life.

    8. Save links from Tweets I Bookmark to Pocket

    The IFTTT triggers for Twitter do not hook into their bookmark tool. I used to have a recipe that would save tweets I like to Pocket, but when I'd like a tweet merely for the tweet text itself, it kind of ruined the scheme.

    9. Save links from Medium reading list to Pocket

    10. Save Links from Facebook Saved Items (and Messenger)

    My wife sends me a lot of reading material on Facebook... ;-)

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