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You always experience yourself as yourself.

You never wake up in the morning wondering who you are - not knowing yourself.
"Who in the world is this waking up this morning?" is not a question you ever ask yourself.
You always recognize yourself.

    1. If you can recognize yourself every second of your life - you clearly did not change yourself.

    If you changed yourself how would you be able to recognize yourself? To know yourself?
    Nothing is ruined.
    You did not change yourself.
    Everything else is different.
    Where you live has changed.
    Your job had changd.
    The people you hang out with appear to be different.
    The clothes you wear aren't the same.
    The age you appear to be isn't the same.
    Everything else comes and goes. - behaviors, the words you use, your beliefs, what you think you know but YOU remain the same. 

    2. Forms, come and go but you remain the same.

    If you remain the same you certainly can't be guilty of ruining yourself.
    You haven't changed a thing.

    3. Only the outside part changes but that doesn't matter.

    The inside is where the treasure lies.
    The loving presence of you is eternal, always as it has been, always as it will be, forever and ever.
    Trying to ruin yourself is Impossible. 
    Prove it to yourself. You're the same now as you were yesterday and the year before and the year before that.
    You didn't ruin a thing.
    Each and every one of you are innocent and deserve only love.
    Please love and adore yourself in 2023 and beyond. That's your job. 

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