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You bring the Truth to an illusion but you can't bring an illusion to Truth (1 min 45 sec)


Truth is real, while the world of illusions, which includes the physical world we perceive, is not.
We have the capacity to bring the awareness of Truth, which is love, peace, and the recognition of our Divine Nature, into our experience of the illusory world.
It is not possible to bring an illusion, referring to the illusions of separation, fear, ego, and the belief in a fragmented reality, into the realm of Truth (Oneness). 
Illusions cannot withstand the Light of Truth because they are unreal. "The unreal reality."
By bringing the Truth to our perception of the world, we begin to recognize the inherent unreality of the illusions, leading to a shift in our perception and a transformation in our experience of what is real and what is not.
The path to awakening involves undoing our attachments to illusions and aligning our Minds with the Truth that lies beyond them.

    1. God is Love.

    God is Real.
    God cannot Create unlike itself.
    Anything unloving is not of God.
    Anything unloving is not real because it is not God.
    The reason hate has no relationship (connection) to love is that it isn't real.
    We all intuitively know this to be accurate.
    Dogs give birth to puppies, not kittens.
    Believing in the idea that Love could create unlike itself is like believing that one-day dogs will start to meow and cats will begin to bark.

    2. Love~

    Love is the eternal essence and ultimate reality that transcends all illusions, uniting all beings in perfect harmony and recognizing their inherent Oneness.

    3. Truth~

    Truth is the timeless and unchangeable reality that underlies all illusions, representing the Divine Essence of existence and the recognition of the eternal nature of all that is.

    4. Illusion~

    Illusions are the temporary and false perception of a fragmented and separate reality, obscuring the Truth and perpetuating a belief in separation, fear, and ego, which can only be transcended through the recognition of the underlying Truth.

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