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You can’t get rid of an illusion. (4 min 08 sec)

You can’t get rid of an illusion. (4 min 08 sec)

    1. You can’t make something unreal suddenly become real.

    2. You can’t change what God created.

    3. You already know this to be true. You have that much wisdom.

    4. You can’t bring infinity into time.

    5. You can’t outfox the fox.

    6. You don’t really see, you make images. You see your own projections. Look at your science, it’s all there.

    7. You push out all the aspects of yourself that you dislike onto those you meet. The ego seeks to attain a sense of reality and desires what it can never truly possess or understand - true Life.

    8. You see a world you’re creating. You’re a witness to your own fears playing out on the screen of life.

    9. You see your own rage. You look for other people to set you free because you don’t understand you were emancipated the Holy Instant you thought you had erred.

    10. Do you use the time for what it's truly for? What is your true nature beyond the physical? Are you the persona you believe that you are, such as "I'm Paul the plumber?"

    11. More learning is not what you need. Unlearning is the goal.

    12. Admit it, you’re afraid. I get it. You’re really tryna get it all in and you’re really tryna be something in the world because that’s what you’ve been taught. Like mama says, “son you know better than that.”

    13. But what’s your goal? Remember the goal must be set in the beginning. Why are you trying to get it all in? Why are you trying to live your best life when you’re eternal life itself? Something is off.

    14. You’re trying to beat the imaginary clock. I get it. The Bucket List is real. You gotta get it in before you die? I met man the other day and he said he had it all figured out except how to not die. Hmmm.

    15. Life and death can live in harmony like two peas in a pod. I know it sounds a bit counterintuitive, doesn’t it? How can that possibly be true you’re probably wondering.

    16. It’s like this, you can bring truth (life) to an illusion (death) but you can’t bring an illusion (death) to the truth (life). I hope you’re getting this.

    17. Have no attachments to a person, place, or thing. Practice dying while you’re alive. If you live in this manner the only thing left is the body and that part is easy because it lets go of you.

    18. Cuz guess what…when you die all of your possessions are on going to be on a fire sale and I don’t think you’re going to mind. You’ve been out-voted. As it stands, Love didn’t leave us hangin’

    19. So……what if you contemplated the Truth about your very Self ? Let’s practice together right now, repeat after me.

    20. “I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God Created me. I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God Created me.”

    21. “My mind holds only thoughts I think with God. My mind holds only thoughts I think with God.”

    22. Cuz…here’s the thing, two things cannot occupy the same space at the same time. When you turn on the light darkness disappears. It matters not how long it’s been dark.

    23. Everyone is playing their part, their role, their persona perfectly. Trust the process. Gods sends you - only angels - in dance clothes.

    24. I’m not sorry for this one folks. Love is all there is.

    25. A Course In Miracles. A Divine Love Story.

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