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You have a choice to make. (1 min 35 sec)

You have a choice to make. (1 min 35 sec)

    1. You can choose what’s behind door #1…or

    2. You can choose what’s behind door #2.

    3. These are the only two choices available.

    4. For example, up/down, in/out, backwards/forwards, etc.

    5. If there’s a choice to be made, why make either choice? Does choice imply doubt and uncertainty?

    6. What if, out of ignorance, you make the wrong choice? Would you feel guilty? How would you know if you made the wrong choice? Are you afraid of being punished now or at sometime in the future based on the choice you make today?

    7. If there are only two choices, why do you believe there are more? Is having more choices better or worse? Would more choices leave you feeling more or less confused?

    8. Is the idea of having a choice made up? Did you make up the choices or did someone else? Would it be accurate to say the idea of choices are nothing more than thoughts in your mind?

    9. What if there’s really only one thing instead of two? Do you believe in hierarchies? Do you believe in separation?

    10. Does Truth insinuate there’s never a choice that has to be made? Is Truth choice less? Does truth exist independent of choice?

    11. Is Truth itself influenced or determined by your choices or does Truth remain constant regardless of the choices you make?

    12. Every moment you are choosing the teachings of truth or an untruth. Is this statement a fact?

    13. Is your outer world a reflection or outpicturing of an inner condition? Are you the editor of your own newspaper?

    14. So we’ve come full circle. Door #1 or Door #2. love/fear, innocence/guilt, past/present, etc.

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