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You Keep Popping Up - Enlighten Me

Here's an idea. When's the last time you talked to yourself?
I tried it and here's what happened.
Last night I had a talk with myself. I thought I was talking to someone else but when I stopped talking there was no one in the room. This was a voiceless voice (some of you will know what I mean)
I want you to eavesdrop on my "private" conversation.

    1. I keep popping up. Wow - that's profound.

    You are everything you need but you don't know it yet. The aura that you seek is your own but again you have it but see it not. A part of you believes what you want is-- out there-- but there's a part of you that knows better.

    Much of your thinking is not your own but you don't know that yet. The only reason you value trinkets (cars, trips, houses, money, clothes, shopping spree, food, degrees, perceived power, notoriety, to be known, to be famous, to be liked) is because the world has told you that you do so but you don't know it yet.

    2. You believe that I am attacking you.

    You believe I don't have a right to say what I'm saying unless you do. Maybe I keep popping up because you're ready. Ready for what? I dunno - you tell me - I'm listening. Who is the you that I could possibly attack? A made up sense of self? A set of beliefs, opinions, or ideologies? If I attack you, I attack myself - it's a perfect match every time. I have no reason to attack - you the same kind of different as me...let's continue

    3. You believe there's an easy button in life.

    There is an easy button- but it's not even close to what you think. Most of your life is spent focused on areas that are very unstable and aren't very reliable. You swear by these things and value them as important but that is a far cry from the Truth.

    4. The Physical - The Body

    Take a look at your body.
    Your body grows up - grows old - dies -
    You hate your body that's why you're always altering it (You change everything from your head to toes - nothing is off limits.
    You're infatuated with your body - one tattoo- two tattoos- - more
    You're narcissistic - you suffer from a mental condition in which you have an inflated sense of your own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration.
    You suffer from troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.
    Your body is always needed something - food, water, exercise, pills, potions, something is not functioning properly
    Much of your attention place on the body even though the body is as unstable as can regardless of how much you try to optimize it.

    5. The Emotional

    You have a camaraderie of emotions that don't serve you well - with an extremely high failure rate.
    Hate-Anger-Fear-Envy-Jealous-Grievances-Hate-Greed-Frustration. (All Losers)

    You are emotionally triggered by almost anything.
    You love being right and making others wrong.
    Your life is filled with Attack/Defense Attack/Defense.
    You don't understand that it takes two to go to war.
    You don't understand Truth needs no defending.
    You haven't learned to appreciate 'what is" because it is.
    You give your power away everyday.
    You don't know there are only 3 types of business - Your business - Other People's Business - God's Business and that there's only one of them that should interest you.
    You don't believe that the Universe is conspiring on your behalf to do you good.
    You don't know that they only person that can make you happy or unhappy is you.
    Actually, there is no make - you remove all the blocks that will allow you to see Love's presence - all it takes is a little willingness.
    Your emotions are very unstable and this is what you use to help you navigate life. You're still on the battlefield with this one.

    6. The Mental

    The things you think about yourself and others is all wrong.
    The way you feel about yourself and others is grossly inaccurate.
    The nightmares, The fantasies, The hallucinations - you have you believe are real.
    You have so many thousands of thoughts every day yet you think mostly the same way.
    You don't know that things happen to you twice in life - first the mental then the physical. You don't know that a man MUST put himself together first before her WORLD comes together and not the other way around.
    You don't know that your brain can be rewired on a substantive level.
    You don't know about the power of presence and the majority of your thinking is anchored in an already gone past or a not yet future.
    You thoughts and beliefs are always changing - you feel you don't have anything definitive that you can hang your hat on.
    You mental faculties are quite unstable but believe the opposite is true.

    7. The Spiritual

    I Am That I Am - All That Is - Consciousness - Eternity - Joy - Love - Compassion. Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient - Holy Spirit - Oneness - No Beginning & No End - Presence - Non-Religious - Patience - Compassion - Caring - Certainty - Happiness - Calmness - Creative - Everlasting - Seek Ye First -

    95% of your time is dedicated to the unstable (physical, emotional, mental) which accounts for 75% of your being. You give virtually no time (5% if you're lucky) to what is the most stable part of your being and represents 25%. Oh, you don't have time to evolve consciously. You don't have time for Truth. You don't have to discover what you really are. Spirituality is the last thing on your mind. You believe you have it all figured out until the day you finally admit to yourself that you don't know anything at all or what you thought you knew is hogwash. You will continue to suffer until you move your ladder to a different wall - a wall that has what you really want. I'm not talking about religion - you know what I'm talking about - quit horsing around.

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