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You Know What The People Want - Give It To Them - Give it To Them.

You know what people want. They want love, joy, and peace of mind, just like you.

They want to feel safe and cared for just like you.

They want to feel supported and to be treated fairly, just like you.

They want the freedom to find their ‘true purpose’ and be lit up every day, just like you.

They want balance, fulfillment, and confidence just like you.

Why would you withhold what the people want?

What you withhold from the people, you withhold from yourself.

    1. Don't give carrots to the people.

    Carrots simply won't do, that's not what the people want.

    They don't want your opinions and cynicism.

    They don't want your trouble.

    They don't want your fear or sad stories.

    They don't want your unkind words.

    If you are a "balla" then nothing else but love and kindness will be acceptable to the people.

    2. Stacks to the sky.

    If you were to set a goal, let the goal be you stacking love to the sky.

    Give so much love that it makes others feel uncomfortable until they become comfortable.

    Because this is what a "balla" would do.

    All you ever want to do is toss love around, toss love around.

    The more love you toss around, the more love shows up in your life.

    3. Be the prototype for love, kindness, happiness, and peace of mind.

    You're the model of a loving person. I'm watching you.

    I'm looking forward to copying your loving behavior.

    People will buy into your prototype.

    Your prototype is the one I'm campaigning for to hit the streets. It's the only one that interests me.

    4. The people will send the money before you come.

    People will send you many blessings in advance.

    You increase your store when you love.

    People are so invested in love they will send the money to you before you arrive.

    Love has no opposites.

    People already know how good love feels, all it has to do is show up and they know exactly what to do with it.

    5. Your new mantra, "All I got is love for you", I can't even lie"

    Get stuck on love like Benjamin Button. You can't escape it, it's the only game in town.

    Love is the fabric of the universe.

    Love is the elixir of life. Do you doubt this truth? Walk up to anyone known or unknown and say to them, "I love you" and behold the biggest smile you've ever seen unfold before your very eyes.

    6. When you think about your life, thank God people are in it.

    Without people, there is no you and without you, there are no people.

    People are your greatest teachers. Your greatest gifts. They've come to save you.

    7. Don't give stuff to people that you wouldn't give to your pet.

    Superimpose your pet's face onto other people before you react.

    Let the false ideas about yourself and others fall away just like leaves on a tree.

    You don't need a big fancy company or big bank deposits to be kind and loving. You can be that way now.

    You know what the people want - give it to them - give it to them.

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