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Your spiritual pie chart is your compass. (2 min 20sec)

Your spiritual pie chart is your compass. (2 min 20sec)

    1. In our relentless pursuit of transient experiences, we often find ourselves chasing fleeting moments that vanish within a matter of minutes, if not less.

    2. The brevity of these encounters is striking, as the time invested in their preparation often outweighs the actual experience itself.

    3. It's akin to constructing a house over the course of months, only to witness its demolition in a matter of hours.

    4. This fragility mirrors the transient nature of the worldly things we seek.

    5. We invest great effort for minimal reward, squeezing so hard for so little juice.

    6. Consider the allure of achieving a Walk of Fame Star, the prestige associated with a Nobel Peace Prize, the validation of diplomas and degrees, and the pursuit of external recognition and validation.

    7. Additionally, the desire for fame, popularity, physical appearance, being regarded as "the best," attaining the top position or becoming number one often dominate our focus.

    8. Unfortunately, little time is dedicated to contemplating the eternal aspects of life, such as God, love, patience, connection, unity, enlightenment, peace, joy, and happiness.

    9. If we were to represent the allocation of our mental focus as a pie chart, it would undeniably depict a significant portion devoted to worldly pursuits, approximately 80%.

    10. In contrast, only a fraction is reserved for spiritual endeavors, and even that estimation may be overly generous.

    11. By examining our spiritual pie chart, we can gain valuable insights into the choices we make and the priorities we hold.

    12. It serves as a representation of our inner and outer worlds, providing a comprehensive view of our story, scene by scene.

    13. By consciously assessing and adjusting this chart, we can navigate our lives with greater alignment, purpose, and fulfillment.

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