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YouTube is slowly demonetizing the “YouTubers” and creators. What are some good alternatives for creators to get paid? What does a post-YouTube world look like?

I have a couple of my own YouTube channels that don't get the attention they need, and I have somewhat of an "anti-video bias", but I'll try to take on this challenge....

    1. Possibility 1: You're Wrong

    What if the YouTuber described in the initial challenge is doing just fine and this demonstration of loss is simply another way to get attention? Given the choice, both of my kids will watch YouTube videos over anything found on a streaming service - from what I can see, their favourite YouTubers are doing quite well financially....

    2. TikTok

    One of the things my kids watch endlessly are TikTok videos on YouTube (they don't have their own phones, nor accounts on the app). The videos are cross-posted to YouTube, and while some are clever/creative, most are shorter and probably present a smaller investment per video, requiring less of a payment to still have some ROI on time spent.

    Maybe shorter is better....

    3. Twitter

    This platform is undergoing a lot of change, so maintaining an audience/following is still a good idea for the time being. Maybe there will be a monetization option coming or another video spin-off, who knows?

    P.S. I miss Periscope

    4. Patreon & Substack

    Create unlisted videos in YouTube, and grant access to them through a newsletter that subscribers pay for.

    5. Meta (Facebook/Instagram)

    I had a peek at the Monetization tab of the Meta Business Suite and the monetization tools include In-Stream Ads, Subscriptions and Stars (they pay 1 cent per star).

    6. AI Tools

    If you create a paid newsletter on Substack or something like that, you could use AI tools to create video from the text and cross-post them to YouTube. In theory, you could also do the reverse - record a vlog unlisted, and publish your transcripts to the substack.

    7. Blockchain networks

    I spent some time on Steem and Ecency - often cross-posting my music idea lists to a sub-page of the latter and trying to collect Hive coins. I think some people are devoting themselves to this full time to make a living, but doing it on a hobby basis took me the better part of a year to collect a single coin (currently about $0.27 USD). If that coin ever goes the way of Bitcoin I'll be doing well.

    8. Make your own App

    Deliver content inside your own app. You control payments.

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