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About Us

For ten years people have been asking us to make a website where they can write down their ideas, keep track of them, make them public or private, share them with others, ask others to contribute to their ideas, and search the idea lists of an entire community of people who are committed to creating opportunities.

This is a website about abundance. It helps you create it in yourself and for others. You can meet and follow others with similar interests and ideas. This website is a community dedicated to success.

Research shows that committing to creativity every day will release dopamine, make you happier, and more creative.

Creativity is not something one is born with. It's a habit.

We are here to help you sustain and maintain that habit at the highest level.

Plus, it's fun.


I couldn't take the BS anymore so I wrote about my failures. I exposed myself.

I wrote about when I went broke and was so sad and in despair I considered the worst. I was losing my home, my family, everything. I was so depressed I couldn't move and I had no idea what would happen to me.

A year earlier I had money for generations after selling my first company.

But I blew it. I just blew it. And I had nobody to talk to, or maybe I was afraid to talk to anyone. I had no opportunities, no jobs, no people who returned my calls, no friends. Everyone was friends on the way up but, wait, where are they on the way down?

I took long walks to try and distract myself because I felt it was inevitable that when my net worth my zero my worth as a human being would be zero.

One day I wandered into a restaurant supplies store. I always liked how waiter's pads looked. I saw that 100 waiter's pads were for sale for $10. I bought them.

The next day I went to a cafe in the morning. I read for awhile and then I had an idea. Then another one. I wrote ten ideas about a book I wanted to write.

The day after I did the same thing. Went out, read a little, and then wrote ten ideas down. And the day after that and the day after that.

At the same time, I was trying to meet people who inspired me. I wanted to be a trader and investor at that time. So I wrote to all the famous investors I could think of. Warren Buffett, Carl Icahn, George Soros, etc.

Nobody responded to me. ZERO.

What was I thinking? Was Buffett really going to say to his secretary: Hold everything! James Altucher wants to buy me a cup of coffee. Make ALL SCHEDULES FREE so this can happen.

Of course not!

So I started writing down not only ten ideas for me but ten ideas for everyone else.

I sent those ideas to everyone I wanted to meet.

Two of twenty responded. One, Jim Cramer, I had written ten ideas of articles I thought it would be great if he wrote. He responded within minutes! He said, "These are great! Why don't you write them?"

And that was my first job as a writer. I got a check for $200 after I wrote my first article for his site, a few months later. I framed that check and a few years later he signed that check when I sold a company to

That writing job led to books. Now I've written 24 books. And I wrote for The Financial Times for years and many other places. I am so grateful to Jim but also so glad that I started writing ten ideas a day.

And then I wrote a hedge fund manager 10 ideas for software he could use for his trading. I even wrote the software and sent it to him. And he liked them so much he allocated money for me to trade. I was up over 100% for him over the next year and that started my career as a professional investor and a hedge fund manager.

I've started many other careers, interests, opportunities in the same way. Freely sharing ten ideas a day I had for many people and companies. And I continued writing these ideas for myself.

Every business I ever started, every company I ever was invited to visit (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Quora, etc) started out by me writing ten ideas for them. Every book I ever wrote started with an idea list. Plus thousands of other ideas just to get me from "here" to "there".

It changed my life.

Then other people started asking me questions:

- how do you keep track of your ideas?

- do you have a website I can use to keep track of my own ideas?

- do you ever go back and search your ideas?

So now we made a website. You can write your ideas, search them, make them "public" or "private", search other public ideas, contribute to ideas (creating multiple opportunities for "idea sex") and see what opportunities are created.

Grateful to Paolo Rosson who I met on my podcast and managed the entire development of this site.

Grateful to Jay Yow and Robyn Altucher for helping with every aspect of testing this site.

Grateful to you for making this commitment to improve yourself by writing ten ideas a day.

This process saved my life and I find that using a site makes me even more disciplined about writing a list. Sometimes I don't always make it to ten. And most ideas are bad.

But, again, it changed my life. It made me more creative, more successful, happier. And I hope it will do the same for you.