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10 +1 things to bring out the best in others

    1. Pin back you lug holes and actually listen to what that person has got to say

    2. go into the curiosity frame and be genuinely interested in the other petson

    3. Why not ask what you can do to help them

    4. Be determined that on any collaboration them my job is to make them to look good

    5. Before any collaboration determine are we going to be a good fit

    6. Don't be judgemental of that person give them the benefit of the doubt

    7. If you are not a good fit for the other person then try to introduce them to some one who is

    8. If they ask you for an honest answer then prepared to give one devoid your own judgement

    9. Make it a win win situation for you both don't feel resentful make sure it can be both give and takr

    10. If you can't add value in the relationship after trying the above then walk a way there's no point wasting each others time

    11. Don't just focus on that one person you both benefit if you are part of a team a community look outside your personal interaction

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