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10 (+ 2) Things I'm Grateful for in my Line of Sight

Look around, find 10 things I can see from where I'm sitting that I am grateful for

10 (+ 2) Things I'm Grateful for in my Line of Sight

    1. Fall leaves

    I took a walk yesterday and gathered gorgeous fall leaves: red sweet gum, green/brown mulberry and tulip poplar, gold maple, all colors, all shapes, some I don't even know what the trees are. They are sitting on my table next to the computer.

    2. Jade Nursery

    That should be the name of the business we should start with all the cuttings and baby plants we have growing. Jades especially were my husband's signature plant, and since his death my daughter has taken over and we have so many plants in all different stages all over the house.

    3. The drying herbs

    Something about the plants we have bundled and hanging upside down to dry makes me happy. Sage, lavender, mugwort, thyme, mint. It makes city living feel more countryish.

    4. Cut wildflowers

    We have Jerusalem artichokes in one vase, asters in the other.

    5. How much can be cleaned/neatened in 20 minutes

    I couldn't stand the mess on the table so I set a timer for 20 minutes and it's now much better

    6. Remembering silly things my daughter did when she was younger

    I'm looking at the piano, and when my daughter took piano lessons she was about 6 or so, she could barely sit long enough for a half hour piano lesson. One time she threw herself backward off the bench (she was leaning back with force and forgot the piano bench had no back), another time she started making a prolonged "oooh" tone and then stopped suddenly, asking "what was that?"

    7. Art supplies

    gel pens, markers, colored pencils, sketching pencils, glue sticks, felt tip pens, paintbrushes

    8. Blue sky sunny day

    9. My little house on a hill

    Feels comfortable, warm, supportive, cozy

    10. Support of family and friends

    I can see the ashes of my husband and daughter on an alter on our bookshelf, but I also see art work done by my father, one printed and shipped by my mother, a lantern given to my other daughter in her dad's memory, a blown glass heart and a metal ringing heart, both gifts from friends.

    11. A terrible ceramic pigeon I made in art class in middle school

    It's so bad it's good, but not nearly as bad/good as the lady I made, my friend loved its horribleness so much I gave it to her.

    12. Art wall

    My daughter turned a big blank wall into a wall which now displays art made by her and my dad. She wants to be a curator and she has skillz.

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