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10 Activities To Boost Memory and Have a Healthy Brain at Home

A light list for Happy Friday.

Inspired by Jim Kwik's memory program.

Remembering things when you need them is money.

    1. Juggle 3 balls

    Juggling is fun and great for your brain. Juggling stimulates brain-derived neurotrophic factors, makes new brain connections, and builds confidence you can learn anything.

    I learned how to juggle in a week.

    2. PEG Method + Imagination

    I use items in my home as hooks to store things I want to remember.
    I remember the top 20 largest countries using my kitchen and living room.
    Russia -> Fridge (cold)
    Canada -> Oven (pancake with syrups)
    USA -> Toaster (BBQ)

    This method is powerful, you can use it to remember anything.

    3. New Learning

    Learning new things every day is great for the brain, even if it is a new word that you add to your vocabulary.

    4. Kill the ANTs

    Jim talks a lot about this.

    ANTs are short for Automatic negative thoughts.
    You can't improve your memory if you keep telling yourself you can't remember names or are not good at remembering faces.

    5. Journaling

    Journaling is good in many ways. Using journaling to reflect on your activities, learning, etc., makes whatever you write stick.
    Numerous researches found that journaling improves working memory.

    6. Healthy gut - healthy brain

    Studies show that the gut makes most of the important chemicals that affect memory. Gut health is crucial for brain health and memory.
    Take probiotics supplements to keep your gut healthy. Check with your physicist :)

    7. Sleep

    Sleep is essential for brain health. A lot of crucial house keepings happen during sleep.
    I get brain fog when I don't sleep well.

    8. Good diet - Chocolate, Avocado, Eggs, Broccoli

    A good diet is important for the health of the brain.
    Studies found that moderate consumption of dark chocolate may improve the function of your brain.

    More here.

    9. Stress management - Meditation/breathing

    Meditating regularly results in increased blood flow to the brain, strengthening the cerebral cortex's blood vessel network and improving memory.

    10. Brush your teeth with your opposite hand

    I think it stimulates the brain. I need to do more research on this.

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