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10 advantages of a zero privacy society

I'm playing devil's advocate and considering the advantages of a society with no privacy.


    1. Trust

    It would be easier to validate people's identities to prevent fraud or wrongdoing.

    2. Transparency

    You could see more of people's actions than their opinions. Social media is essentially a well-crafted public relations story. Having transparency would let you see the man behind Wizard of Oz

    3. Open Commerce

    Commerce would go smoothly and would require fewer middlemen to verify identity, terms of sales, etc.

    4. Security

    With everyone's activities being monitored, it would be easier to identify and apprehend criminals, terrorists, and other threats to public safety.

    5. Corruption would decrease

    Taking money underneath the table would be much harder to pull off. Increased transparency and accountability may lead to less opportunity for corrupt behaviour, leading to a more trustworthy and stable society.

    6. Competency and merit would be a stronger differciator then image

    People may be judged more fairly based on their actual skills and abilities if they are unable to hide behind a carefully curated image or reputation.

    7. Reduction in Social Media toxicity

    People may be more thoughtful and civil in their interactions if they are held more accountable for their online behaviour, resulting in a more positive and supportive online community.

    8. Optimization would be easier

    With more data, it may be possible to more effectively optimize processes and systems, resulting in greater efficiency and productivity.

    9. Things would get done quicker

    If there were fewer barriers to getting information and more accountability, people might be able to make decisions and act more quickly, which could lead to faster progress and success.

    10. Increase fairness in society

    It may be possible to address and reduce systemic biases and discrimination with greater transparency and accountability, resulting in a more just and equitable society.

    11. Spawn new business and industries around reputation managment

    In a society with no privacy, people need to take care of their reputations. New businesses would spawn to help people manage there behaviour, actions and reputation.

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