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10 AI prompting experiments

    1. Compare military leaders

    Make Personas from Lau tzu Hitler, Parton, etc and ask for different strategies on warfare or other problems

    2. Compare artists

    Prompt to draw a dog juggling flaming chainsaws in the style of a cave painting, the style ofLeonardo Davinci and the style of Salvador Dali


    3. Compare CEO’s

    What if Sam Walton ran Tesla?

    4. Compare physicians over time

    How was cancer treated? The common cold?

    5. Compare religious teachings for certain scenarios

    What would Jesus do? What would the Dali Lama do? What would Zeus do?

    6. Compare actors for a role

    What if Bill and Ted were played by Gene Wilder and John Belushi?

    7. Authors for character development

    What would happen if Steven King wrote a Dr. Seuss story?

    8. Philosophers for life advice

    How would Seneca handle being cut off in traffic?

    Seneca, the Stoic philosopher, would likely approach being cut off in traffic with calm and rational detachment. Here's how he might handle it:

    1. Maintain Inner Calm: Seneca would focus on maintaining his inner tranquility, recognizing that external events are beyond his control.
    2. Practice Acceptance: He would accept the situation as it is, understanding that getting upset would not change the fact that he was cut off.
    3. Focus on Virtue: Seneca would remind himself to act virtuously, showing patience and restraint rather than reacting with anger or frustration.
    4. Reflect on Perspective: He might reflect on the event as a minor inconvenience in the grand scheme of life, thus putting it into perspective.
    5. Empathize with Others: Seneca could consider that the other driver might be in a hurry or having a bad day, fostering empathy rather than resentment.
    6. Use it as a Lesson: He would see the situation as an opportunity to practice Stoic principles, such as self-control and resilience.

    In essence, Seneca would handle being cut off in traffic with philosophical composure, turning the experience into a chance to reinforce his Stoic discipline.

    9. Financial advisors/stock pickers

    10. Farming techniques from different time periods and cultures

    How do I grow peppers at home?

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