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10 Places You Can Give Birth At Besides Disneyland

I was just watching this video about women rushing to Disneyland to give birth.

Some women even hide in the restrooms until they go into labor.

That is some incredible endurance.

Apparently, there is an urban legend that...

... if you give birth at Disneyland, your child will get a free lifetime pass. So, it seems like this a somewhat popular thing to do. I guess, what better way to start your new kid off in this cold, cruel world than with a lifetime pass to the happiest place on earth?

That being said:

It seems to be just a legend.

I don't think they would really give your child a free lifetime pass if you did that. And even if they did... they would never admit to it (they would just do it secretly) because...

... imagine the nightmare it would cause if every woman on earth flocked to Disneyland every second just to give birth. They'd have to start building a permanent new Disneyland Labor & Delivery Palace as one of the new attractions. With nurses dressed up in angel outfits and lots of storks flying all over the place. And you could even have Minnie Mouse attending your birth. And if you're born there, you can officially have the title of Prince or Princess added in front of your name.

That would be awesome though. They should think about it.

But while they do:

Even if Disneyland isn't giving out perks right now for going into labor on their grounds, there might be others. Here are 10 more places you can try.

    1. Universal Studios Resort

    Try one of the Universal Studio theme parks. They might be more understanding and give you something free.

    2. Disney Headquarters

    If giving birth at Disneyland doesn't work, what about at their headquarters? You know... where all their animators work.

    3. Pixar Studios

    Pixar is owned by Disney. So you might get some sort of free pass by giving birth there.

    4. Legoland

    Is it better to get a lifetime pass to Disneyland or Legoland? It's questionable. The worst thing in life would be... to be born with a free lifetime pass to Disneyland when... you'd rather have one to Legoland!

    5. Super Nintendo World

    This just opened up in Japan recently. I know a lot of kids who'd like a lifetime pass here more than they would at Disneyland.

    6. Disney Cruises

    Might work better than doing it in a hot, crowded theme park. And it's still Disney. But if you really like the sea, you might also want to try:

    7. DisneySea

    Disney + Sea = Disney Sea

    8. Ferrari World

    A Ferrari-inspired theme park. Great for newborn babies with adult-like tastes. Even better if you can get a lifetime pass.

    9. Disney's Animal Kingdom

    If you don't like rides so much, and prefer to give birth in nature.

    10. At Home (But Call Disney First)

    It might be easier to just stay and do it at home...

    And it also gives you something you can negotiate with if you call Disney about it first.

    "Hey, this is me. I'm about to go into labor and give birth in the next few days. If I do it at home instead of doing it at Disneyland, could you consider giving my child a free lifetime pass? It'll save time and money for both you and me. Imagine how much time and trouble it would save your staff there? And imagine how much it would disrupt your other visitors if I gave birth in the middle of the street during the Disney Parade? I'm doing you a favor here."

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