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10+ Anomalies are the harbingers of Paradigm shifts (change)

What anomalies in life can I identify and address and bring about real change.

Inspired by JA show with Jesse Michels

    1. I am an accountant in my job but struggle to bring this discipline to my family life

    2. I have such higher levels of energy in the morning than in the evening

    3. My effectiveness and attention goes off a cliff as the day progresses it's not just down to energy levels

    4. Why do I let family members push me around and hurt me when I won't accept that at work

    5. In improv I can think on my feet and pivot so why can't I put this attribute to work in other life situations

    6. I use a todoist list to plan most tasks why are there more personal tasks I aviod putting on the list

    7. Why am I paranoid and not confident with certain people , yet with others I am natural and not fussed if they don't like me

    8. Why in some environments do I have a high degree of awareness and yet in others I am a blundering idiot ( Mr Bean on steroids)

    9. I often finds its easier to push for the rights of others than to speak up and protect my own rights. In some situations I accept being a door mat but speak up when others are treated badly

    10. Why do I recognise certain negative traits in others but can't see the same traits in others

    11. Why can I face my fears on some occasions yet at other times be completely overwhelmed

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