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10 applications of a ReligionGPT


There seems to be a trend of creating GPT-like models for all types of knowledge. For example, Bloomberg recently announced BloombergGPT, which is an LLM based on a vast corpus of financial data.

It struck me that religion has one of the most extensive collections of texts worldwide, including not just the Bible, Quran, and Tanakh, but also the gospels, hadith, and various interpretations written by religious and non-religious scholars. Let's not forget other religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism.

I don't follow religion. But I do think there is value for people to learn other people's beliefs and worldviews.

Here are a few applications of a ReligionGPT

    1. Provide religious interpretations of text from orthodox, moderate to liberal perspective

    2. People can access religious understanding without clerical middleman

    3. Ask deeper question about how to interpret modern day problem with a religious lense

    4. Have conversation from various figures from religion as chatbot persona

    5. Give outsiders to religion an understanding of the core tenets

    6. Provide context to certain passage from religious texts using a combination of explanations: historical, scholarly, contraian

    7. Could help to resolve arguments from various scholars or religion or possible create more

    8. Understand various arguments related to theism and atheism

    9. Help with language translation and interpretation for religious texts and teachings

    10. Develop religious-based games, quizzes, and other interactive content for education and entertainment purposes

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