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10 Attraction Ideas for Dumbo

I have been doing great with my workouts. I watch anything before the 80's at the gym. They are about 60-80 minutes. I got 3 and some miles in while watching Dumbo yesterday. It's a weird thing to watch while you're on the treadmill but like I am feeling great! Dumbo made me feel like Bambi. A core memory from childhood is watching Bambi with my mom and a boy from my preschool class. I was embarrassed to cry as hard as I did during that movie. Dumbo made sad a bunch.

    1. Pink Elephant Indoor Ride (Super Trippy)

    I love indoor roller coasters! The pink elephant segment is so trippy. There needs to be an indoor neon ride that is just silly. I am good with the Pink Elephants on Parade.

    2. Peanut Stand

    Named after the movie.

    3. A train with animals that talk

    I am not sure how this would work or where it would take you but in each of the cars there's an animal connected to AI. You can have a conversation with it while on your ride. oooo. Every conversation is different because it's AI. I might go on it and want to talk about educational stuff. You might want to go on it and shoot the shit. AI might be scary but it can also be totally exciting. Why hasn't Disney used it yet?

    4. Bubble Ride

    This is like the current tower of terror but less scary. There's a scene in the movie where the mouse gets drunk off of some champagne. Dumbo burps and he gets caught in the bubble and when one bubble pops he ends up in another bubble. Same thing happens on this ride except you are misted every time the bubble pops or you just hear a pop sound. So fun.

    5. Bucket of Bubbles- Sparkly Drink Quick Service

    You can get sparkling water or sparkling wine or sparkling apple juice. Everything here sparkles like the bubbles from the scene that the ride is based off of.

    6. A park for kids to play in with a ball to roll on

    Some of these movies are hard to think of things about. But if there was a park where you could pretend you're in a circus. They could roll on a ball like the elephants do in the circus.

    7. A pulley system that could have you fly like dumbo

    I am thinking like the rip cord at cedar point or something similar. Kind of like bungee jumping but not as scary. I know the dumbo ride exists but maybe something a little more current.

    8. Storks Carrying Hammocks

    It would be nice to just chill at the park. You could rent the cloth and set it up. It would be a quiet area of one of the parks. When you return the cloth they wash it. Stork structures hold it together. You wouldn't have to head back to your room to get a little rest.

    9. Ferris Wheel in the Shape of a Pyramid

    The elephants are stacked on one another in the shape of a pyramid. They keep wobbling and end up falling down. The carts could be shaped as elephants and in the shape of a pyramid. It would wobble side to side.

    10. Magic Feather Kiosk

    Think about it like how some people collect gem stones or magic wands. You could collect "exotic" feathers for a relatively cheap price. You can trade them like people do with their pins. Hang them up like people do with their pins.

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