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10 Attraction Ideas for Hercules

I think I like Disney World so much because I get to see kids at their happiest. My days as a teacher are spent putting out fires everywhere. It is constant and I am afraid this is my last year. I think a lot of kids could get some educational value while having the happiest time ever. Kids could learn a lot about greek mythology in a Hercules themed area.

I also almost nodded off watching this movie. I busted my butt for 8 hours with 4/5 yr olds and then spent 30 minutes at the gym. Disney movies are too long these days. Take me back to the 70 min movies.

    1. Mosaic Craft

    There were lots of Mosaics used in the movie. Kids could create some of their own mosaics. They have different classes at the the resorts. This could be a resort craft

    2. Paint Pottery

    A lot of the ceramics in the movie were painted with different stories. I think a painting pottery place could go in at Disney Springs. Disney Springs kind of sucks. Not going to lie. There's not much to do there. Maybe one big Disney store is fun but they should have more activities. I also like The Edison but I want more things to do.

    3. Pegasus Ride

    It would be a ride through the clouds on a winged horse. It would feel like you're floating through the clouds and you could pass by the greek gods and see what their special powers were.

    4. Hades Martini Bar

    Hades drinks martinis in the movie. There should be an adult Martini bar. Only martinis. It could be at Disney Springs or Epcot.

    5. Hercules Sandal Shop

    A shop dedicated to comfortable sandals for your journeys at Disney. It's like always hot at Disney and I don't think there is a sandal shop.

    6. Disaster Ride on Mt. Olympus

    You would go through a warm area where everything looks cartoony like it's on fire. You go through a windy area where the cart you are in moves side to side. You go into a tornado like vortex and spin around. You get shaken around like you are going down a rocky crumbling hill side. But then you come out the other side to a parade. Seems a little dark but I think it could be fun too.

    7. Dancing Class

    I love the dancing and singing ladies. There could be a dance studio where they teach you fun dances from all of the movies. A ton of kids are in dance these days. Wouldn't they love it!

    8. Build Your Own Stuffy

    Zeus gives baby Hercules a cloud looking stuffy of Pegasus. It turns into a real pegasus but wouldn't it be fun to create your own stuffy. Not like at build a bear but like any kind of stuffy you want.

    9. Planetarium

    They talk about constellations a lot in the movie. A planetarium would be cool where they talk about the constellations and planets on a very basic level for kids.

    10. Bowling Alley.

    The bowling pins are shaped like ceramics from Greece. There's a seen where Hercules accidentally bowls because he's super strong. I don't love this idea but I was reaching at this point.

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