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10 Attraction Ideas for The Incredibles

I watched the Incredibles. When we were at Hollywood Studios last year my boyfriend was so excited to get a picture with The Incredibles. So I picked it to watch. It was fun. I fell asleep watching it the first time we watched it. I need to be in an upright position and focusing on something while watching movies I wouldn't normally watch. I want to know the backstory of everything I see at Disney. Here I go again with more fun ideas for rides.

    1. High Speed Go Kart Race

    They are racing with cars at the beginning of the movie. You could do 2 different coasters going at the same time like the Gemini at Cedar Point or it could be go karts but in real looking cars.

    2. Sprinkler Room

    Mr.Incredible sets off the sprinklers inside of his house. Wouldn't it be fun to have a play area at a park that has sprinklers above it. Kind of like a wave pool. They go off every hour on the hour. It would be so silly.

    3. Octopus like Robot like Smuggler's Run

    Smugglers run is a whole experience where you are on an enemy base and then you control a space ship. I think. I don't know it was all kind of confusing to me when I did it. It would be fun if you could control the Octopus like robot from the movie and use the arms to pick things up or something.

    4. Spaceship/Watership Restaurant

    I know there's the one at Epcot Space 220. This one would move. You could go underwater and travel around above ground. See all of the parks. It would be like an hour experience. It would be super expensive but it would be fun.

    5. Laser that spins you around

    This might be hard to describe but.. kind of like dumbos ride that has arms that spin you around. But in this ride the arms look like lasers. It spins you around and freezes you and the thing you are sitting in lights up. Syndrome has a thing that lasers you into a freeze position.

    6. Design Your Own SuperHero Machine

    There's a machine in the movie. The one at Disney. You lay on it and it scans you for measurements. You go and pick out the color, style and you can choose from different emblems or letters to put on your costume. No capes. It's a movie joke.I think you could have literally like 1000's of different designs.

    7. Spinning Airplane

    You are in an actual airplane and it makes it feel like you are spinning in circles upside down. You are strapped in like a regular airplane and then a lap bar goes over you.

    8. Cool Flying Saucers

    The guards that guard Syndromes island have cool flying saucers. Something like that would be fun. I think it would have to be a two seater.

    9. RU Ride

    I have no idea my thoughts here? It says spins, bumps and flies I think.

    10. Fro zone Rink

    So there should definitely be an ice skating rink at Disney some place. Frozen. For real. But I think it should just be like a cold weather park. The ice rink can be inside and there can be several of them. One for Fro zone. You would do some sort of speed skating on it. Or an indoor rollercoaster that is really cold. that feels like your sliding.

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