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10 Attractions for Wall-E

Such a cute movie. I love the depiction of the future. My first thought when I was done watching it was were overweight people upset by this movie when it came out? Like the very people who Disney as a corporation cater their food to in their amusement parks. Were they mad? I just started a new diet after the holidays because I ate EVERYTHING. I also watched a new Docuseries on Netflix about how all foods are bad for you. Disney designs their menus for you to consume the most amount of calories. I have found a surprisingly large amount of healthy foods but who wants that at a theme park?

Anyways. This is what a writer on slate had to say about Wall-e. I find it amusing.

    1. Ride Chasing the Dots around

    I have no idea what I was talking about here. I remember there's dots from the space ship and they ran after them. But I watched this two days ago and I don't know what I was thinking.

    2. A ride where you are like Eve

    I think that's what my notes say. It would be more of like a cedar point ride. I remember a ride at six flags ohio that you laid down facing the ground. It was the most exhilarating ride. Probably too scary for Disney. But still. It's cool.

    3. Getting Stuck in a Sandstorm Thing

    LOL. I have no idea.

    4. Spaceship Ride

    There's a bunch of these already. This one you would maybe be on the outside of the spaceship like wall-e is. Holding on?

    5. Turn Recycled Plastic into Legos

    That would be fun. You can bring in like a suitcase full of recycled plastic and they have a machine that turns it into legos. It would be at Disney Springs. It would probably be done on everyone's last day. or.. lego would pay you for how much plastic you bring in to be recycled and it could help fund kid souvenirs.

    6. Hovering Chair Ride

    You ride your hovering chair through a space ship.

    7. Ride through Roadway of the future

    Probably on a hovering chair.

    8. Restaurant:Food in a Cup

    In the movie, people of the future don't want to waste the time chewing so they drink everything.

    9. Laser Tag

    Disney should have laser tag some place. There were lots of lasers in the movie.

    10. Mass transport magnet thing ride

    There is a monorail looking type train thing. It slides down and goes up and shakes a bit. It could take you on a tour of the ship.

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