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10 Balenciaga AI meme ideas


The Balenciaga AI meme is a recent internet phenomenon involving AI-generated videos and memes featuring popular characters from franchises such as Harry Potter and Marvel Comics as models for the French luxury fashion house Balenciaga.

Balenciaga is a high-end fashion brand known for its avant-garde and often unconventional designs. The brand's designs have been described as "strange" or "weird" because they often feature exaggerated proportions, unusual silhouettes, and unexpected materials.

The meme has gone viral, with Balenciaga montages featuring popular YouTubers and meme templates. The use of AI to generate content has made this trend unique and showcases the increasing use of artificial intelligence in creating digital media.

The Formula: ChatGPT (text prompts for MJ)+ MidJourney (image creator) + Upscaler (upscales the image) + YouTube to MP3 (voice to clone) + mp3cut + ElevenLabs (Voice Cloning)+ Background Music (Thip Tron - Lightvessels) + D-iD (animates still images with voice sync)+ Capcut (cuts the video and add pauses)

Here is a YouTube Video that shows you how, step-by-step

    1. Intellecuals of the Dark Web

    2. Modern Comedians

    3. Fortune 50 CEOs

    4. Philosphers from History

    5. Aliens from sci movies movies

    6. Disney Characters

    7. 80s-90s movies characters

    8. Famous Historical Figures

    9. Famous Painters

    10. SnL Characters

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