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10 benefits of a yoga practice for a middle aged man

Yoga is beneficial for everyone, but this list is specific to someone like me. If you are a middle aged guy today you probably did not stretch much when you were younger as it wasn't a "thing." It is not too late! You will notice some benefits right away but after 1 year of regular 2-3x a week you will feel like a different person.


    1. It can be done by anyone

    I started doing yoga when I weighed 320 lbs and very stiff. Other people in the class were in worse shape than me but there were also very fit people doing the same thing at the same time. It got me moving and stronger. Now I weigh much less.

    2. Can be done in a small space like a hotel room: anywhere you can stretch a mat out

    3. Flexible thinking and mental calmness

    I saw a podcast where someone mentioned this and it is true. By doing yoga in the morning you can release all of the micro tensions that you are carrying in your body and your mind can float and relax better

    4. Physical strength

    After a few weeks you will find that you are getting stronger in ways that you might not expect.

    5. Flexibility

    6. More comfortable daily living

    Once you start gaining flexibility everything becomes more comfortable: sitting, standing, sleeping. This is a huge benefit.

    7. Can easily get up and down off the floor

    Getting up and down off the floor is a big feature of a yoga class. Now you can do it in real life too!

    8. Can reposition your body better when working under a car or sink

    9. Improved balance

    This becomes more important as we age. Especially if you hold balance poses you will develop the smaller muscles that help you stay upright.

    10. Understanding how to move better

    In yoga you are moving your joints in specific ways to get stretches, etc. Now doing things like getting a pot from a low cabinet or other life skills are smoother.

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