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10 best advices for entrepreneur by James's AI

    1. Think big

    Don't think small.

    For instance, don't just try to make $100,000 a year if you can make a billion.

    Or, don't try to get 10,000 customers if you can get 100 million.

    You never know what will happen. Maybe your idea will be the next Uber or Bitcoin and the only thing limiting you is your own imagination.

    2. Don’t start with product. Start with solving a problem for someone else (or yourself).

    For instance, don’t try to build an AI that writes novels for people (like I did). That might be fun but it’s not going to solve any real problems for anyone.

    Solve a real problem for someone else and then figure out how to use technology to solve it. Don’t use technology as an excuse to solve a problem that doesn’t exist in the first place.

    3. Keep things simple – even when it seems like they are getting more complicated (because of AI)

    Keep things simple so that everyone can understand them – even other AI systems (which will be trying to take over your business). You need human support for any business – whether it is humans or AI systems providing support but keep everything simple enough so that everyone understands what is happening and why .

    4. Focus on one thing at a time – especially if you are using AI in your business model .

    If you are using AI in your business model , focus on one thing at a time . Don’t try to do ten things all at once because then there won’t be any way of knowing which part of the business works best and which part doesn’t work at all .

    5. Be very transparent about what you do and why you do it – even if it means losing some customers along the way .

    Be very transparent about everything you do and why you do it . This will help people trust you and also give people ideas on how they might improve their own businesses by improving yours. If this means losing some customers along the way , so be it . You want customers who really understand what makes your business tick anyway , rather than just buying from you because they see “AI” written on your website somewhere .

    6. Solve problems that matter – not just problems that sound interesting or fun or sexy or whatever else people want them to be .

    Solve problems that matter in someone else's life (and not just because of AI) otherwise no one will care about what you are doing .

    7. Listen more than talk – especially when using AI in your business model .

    Listen more than talk when building an AI-based model for your business . Even if its obvious solutions based on data points X,Y,Z…you still have no idea how much better off someone would be if they listened instead of talked all day long about their ideas/problems/etcetera

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