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10 Best investments other than Stocks/Bonds or Real Estate

    1. Your skills

    You get jobs based on your skill set.

    You get relationships based on your skill set.

    You can clmbine skills and create unique things that can benefit the world.

    2. Your health

    Everyone gets old, but healthy people get old a lot slower. By staying healthy you allow yourself to stay at your best for longer.

    Everyone wants to be healthier invest in your health now.

    3. Knowledge

    This will help you advance faster.

    You'll see and solve problems others can't.

    You'll be happier.

    You'll be of more use to others.

    4. Content

    Make a little bit of content each day. It doesn't all need to be good, but the more you invest the more great content you will have.

    This content can be used multiple ways and make you even more money.

    5. Persuasion

    If you know a little persuasion you'll advance a lot faster.

    How do others perceive you? Style, character, looks values ect.

    Small tweeks can have a huge difference.

    6. Others

    The more time you invest in others the more they'll like you.

    And when people like you you have far more opertunities.

    Job recommendations, fun events, relationships, people that want to buy your products.


    7. Memories

    When you're on your deathbed, after everything else has left you, you'll still have your memories. No matter how bad life gets, you have your memories. Invest in happy ones.

    8. A spouse

    Life's more fun when you can share it with someone else.

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