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10 Best Retaurants I’ve Been To, In No Order

Some of these are gone, some of these aren't actually that good but I loved them.

10 Best Retaurants I’ve Been To, In No Order

    1. Keen’s Steakhouse

    New York City, NY

    2. The Quick Fixx

    Philadelphia, PA - lunch special gnocchi, amazing

    3. Vetri

    Philadelphia, PA - best meal of my life still ten+ years later

    4. Primehouse

    David Burke steak joint in Chicago. Exceptional dry aged beef. Table side Caesar service. RIP.

    5. Joey’s Italian

    Syracuse, NY - old mainstay. Many memories with family here.

    6. Little Pete’s

    Best diner in America. Used to have waffles and ice cream any hour of the day here. Old school environment m, cash only. Philadelphia, PA. RIP.

    7. The Garrison

    Yarmouth, ME. Always fresh and interesting dishes. Perfectly executed.

    8. Stuff Yer Face

    New Brunswick, NJ. College town perfection. Bolis, potatchos, mugs of beer. Skipped a lot of classes to hang out here. 

    9. Bizare Meats by Jose Andres

    The original Vegas one. 

    10. Golden Steer Steakhouse

    Also in Vegas. Old school and laid back.

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