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10+ best societal narratives


Postmodernism critiques modernism for grand narratives. They argue: Modernism has became the tool of the elites. Modernism did not bring the lofty goals that it espoused to push. Postmodernism states that all narratives are equally valid. I don't agree with that.

The question is what are the factors for the best narratives for society

    1. Grounded in Objective Reality with Empirical Data

    A narrative must be based on facts and real-world evidence.

    2. Pragmatic

    It should be practical and achievable, not utopian.

    3. Measurable

    We need establish metrics to monitor our progress. Measurements and statistic need to employ analytical honest. We need to eliminate bias - and not purposely inject bias either.

    4. Survivability

    Ensure the sustainability and survival of the largest number of people

    5. Audit / Feedback Mechanisms / Transparency

    Implement controls to prevent exploitation by bad actors.

    6. Empowering Positive Future

    Aim for a future that inspires and uplifts.

    7. Unity

    It will bring together the most amount of people. That can stand behind. The narrative should appeal to and be supported by the majority.

    8. Not Infringe on Human Rights

    It must not adversely impact basic human rights of groups that are in the minority.

    9. Minimize Tradeoffs

    Tradeoffs are inescapable however, we must choose a narrative with the least tradeoffs and the weakest negative impacts.

    10. Least Corrupt Leadership

    Opt for narratives that have the low likely chance of being tempted by corruption.

    11. Revamp Leadership Structures

    Reduce undue influences external groups and large sums of money.

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